Lights and shadows of the Hashtag

Social networks have become so popular and we could say that there is a generation that almost can’t write without using it, we are talking about the hashtag(#).

The word hashtag comes from the English hash (pillow) and tag (label) and is used to tag the information, identify the word without space and classify our content by topic. In this way, it will be much easier for other users to find the content that interest them.

The father of the hashtag is an employee of Google, which in 2007 thought to implement a way to directly relate messages from Twitter users. The first time that was used publicly and on a large scale was during the California wildfires of October 2007, when #freestanding was included in Twitter messages.

The hashtag allows you to create content for a topic so that, if used well, in a few hours you can increase our popularity. For that have to learn to manage it and use it effectively: the term that we will use just behind the pad must be coherent with the content or image that you want to publish.

The problem is that the use of this type of label is not always correct. To date, one of the biggest errors committed in social networks is the creation of infinite hashtag .

Marketing experts recommend that on Twitter are included up to three hashtag short enough to have more speed and gain in popularity. Facebook is discussed on the effectiveness of the hashtag, since most of the times are uncomfortable and unnecessary.

Whatever the network, a key recommendation is, especially for people who use social networks to promote their work and professionalism, not succumb to fads or abusing the hashtag.